Why we celebrate each milestone

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” – Mark Twain.

If you follow us on social media, you would have realised that we celebrate each birthday, if it is our firm’s or our building’s. We celebrate every victory, examination passed, and momentous moment of our staff. We celebrate holidays and vacation days. We celebrate our clients, our deadlines, and our goals. We rejoice in where the trade winds took us these last five years.

Starting our own accounting firm in Polokwane was a big risk for our partners. We sailed away from the safe harbour into the adventure of starting our audit and accounting company. We explored the open seas of being an independent, smaller firm, without the safety net of a recognized name.

But we dreamed of a company steered by core ethics, experienced leadership, and a staff that understood their value. Thus, Veritas was born.

We celebrate because when everything was against us, we created something special by starting this firm. We created something on our terms. Some of these celebrations might seem small when you look at the big picture, but each moment is really important to us and we will continue to celebrate year 5 or year 50 with the same enthusiasm.

Veritas is a company that treats its employees more like family and not like a number. We focus on building relationships between staff. The company has training programs, ample study leave, and personal feedback sessions to ensure that each employee reaches his or her full potential.

We have an annual growth of 30% each year in personnel, showing that investing in your employees is worth their weight in gold.

At Veritas our main focus is our clients. Each client is treated as an individual and not as income. They are more than a means to an end. We handle a variety of clients; big corporations, small home businesses, and individual entities. A comprehensive tailor-made solution is prepared for each client. We are a “one-stop-shop.”

Veritas is more than its bottom-line to the partners. Each one of us has poured our blood, sweat, and tears into building something incredible. This is a firm with a beating heart.

Through hard work and dedication to our workforce and clients, we have reached each goal set by the partners and the staff. These goals we all quickly discovered, in our first year already, needs to be bigger and more daring. For we had the team to reach them. We are constantly striving for new aims, new objectives, and new ideas.

Now five years later we own a building with the Veritas name proudly displayed, we have doubled in size and even opened a small satellite office in Cape Town.

The sky is truly the limit when you explore, dream, and discover and that is why we celebrate each milestone. Big and small.


It is the end of the year, here you are, done with school or done with your degree. So what do you do, now? Now you look for a job with an employer who will treat you as more than a number.

This can be an intimidating task. It is important you know why you choose a workplace. Make a list of reasons of what is essential to you and your work life satisfaction.

There are thousands of reasons to choose Veritas Inc, from our amazing new office building to our competitive rates. Here are our top 10 reason why you should work for us.

Reason Number One : High Standards

Veritas is run by three highly trained professionals who have instilled a standard of quality over quantity. Each department has a qualified department head and dedicated training to ensure the whole company operates at the optimal level.

Reason Number Two : There is nowhere to go but Up

Veritas is only four years old and already a big player in the audit and accounting scene in Polokwane. The firm wants to ensure that you prosper in your career. You will be given a chance to grow, as they have grown.

Reason Number Three : We value Values

When working for Veritas a value system will be introduced to you. This system is used in our interaction with each other and with clients. Knowledge, Growth and Resilience are going to be your new favourite words.

Reason Number Four : Exposure to Various Clients

Being an audit, accounting and consulting firm we service a wide variety of clients. You will have the unique opportunity to experience different entities, industries and people. You will never be bored.

Reason Number Five : Experience in Spades

From day one you will be thrown into the deep end. It is the quickest way you learn to swim and you will swim in an assortment of pools. Because you are never treated as less then you will gain practical knowledge in your field.

Reason Number Six :  Ample Study Time

Veritas offers a comprehensive study leave schedule to ensure you are well prepared for your exam. We fund professional development courses so that you can compete at the highest level and be the best prepared.

Reason Number Seven : Not all Work and no Play

Here we believe in a Work/Life balance. We play as hard as we work. At Veritas you can become part of the Social Committee. A team dedicated to making the office fun. We celebrate birthdays and Valentine’s Day.  We compete against each other at Sport’s day and dance the night away at our Yearend Function.

Reason Number Eight : Community Engagement

Veritas believes in giving back to the community with our community engagement projects. This includes the variety of charities we support, our Nelson Mandela Day projects and business development in our community.

Reason Nine : A Client in most Provinces 

We might be small but our reach is across the country. At Veritas you will be given the opportunity to travel the country. We are not only accountants and auditors in Polokwane. You will spend time in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the bush veld. Sleep-away Audits are usually accommodated with nice hotels and great meals.

Reason Number Ten : We are a Family

Choosing Veritas means you choose a company that really care about their employee’s welfare.  They invest in their employee’s personal and professional growth. You will laugh, you will work hard and you will make an impact.

If these reasons spoke to you, be sure to visit our SuitUp profile (https://suitup.work/employers/veritas) and upload your CV. Become part of our winning team in 2020.

Thomas Lunga, a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (SA)

On Friday, the 15th of March, hopeful third year accounting trainees all over the country waited with baited breath for their APC (Assessment of Professional Competent) results.

Thomas Lunga was one of these stressed out souls. By 15:58 he was bouncing off the walls in anticipation. By 16:01 the whole office was rejoicing and celebrating. Thomas had passed his APC, becoming a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (SA).

We sat down with Thomas and asked him a few questions.

1. Why did you choose Veritas to complete your training?
Well!, I chose Veritas because it is a well-reputed audit and accounting firm, dedicated to the provision of superior and quality services to its clients, headed by a team of three partners with an undeniable wealth of experience in providing professional services to a wide range of clients, both in the public and private sector. The firm is also committed to producing well-rounded accountants who possess incredible ability to analyse and interpret business problems and develop dynamic solutions through its stringent training requirements, coaching and exposure to different clients in different industries.

2. What does it mean to you to be a qualified CA(SA)?
Being a qualified CA(SA) to me is a dream come true, a result of hard work, compromise, determination and some sleepless nights and a golden key to a challenging, but exciting career in every sector of business and finance both in South Africa and internationally. The CA(SA) qualification is a prestigious and well recognised accountancy qualification on the global market and qualifies one to work in all fields of business and finance, including, auditing, taxation, financial and general management. Being part of the CA(SA) world is a feeling I cannot fully describe but, all I can say is, it is the best achievement of my life so far.

3. How did Veritas help you to become a CA(SA)?
Veritas did not just help me to become a CA(SA), but to become a better CA(SA) in different ways. To mention a few, the firm has stringent training requirements, a diversified client base which exposes us to different industries and experience, assigns challenging tasks to trainees and offers coaching to develop us professionally to be able to provide dynamic solutions to complicated business problems. This developed me to be a resilient, hardworking, goal-oriented and technically sound professional.

Congratulations to Thomas who passed the APC examination and is now a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (SA). We are very proud of him and wish him every success with his career at Veritas.

Veritas; Ideas (and people) for today and tomorrow.

Meet our 2019 Trainees

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

– African Proverb

These wise words are Dimpho Mamabolo favourite quote. Dimpho is one of our new trainees.

We are very fortunate to welcome EIGHT new trainees this year. That is 40% more than last year, and we are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Veritas Inc would like to welcome the following new trainees to the firm: Flora Mphahlele, Andrea Hugo, Jessica von Well, Mokgadi Mobayi, Dimpho Mamabolo, Tshitshavha Ramagoma, Natali Ferrao and Samuel Magura.

We are committed to provide you with the required training and development to become future Chartered Accountants and Professional Accountants. We are proud to be an accredited training office for both SAICA and SAIPA. We will also strive to help you grow professionally and personally.

After the trainees first week we asked them to fill-in a short questionnaire on their favourite quote, as well as why they chose Veritas to complete their training.  We were humbled by their answers. Dear readers, you have already met Dimpho Mamabolo, please meet the rest of the Veritas trainees of 2019.

Flora Mphahlele believes in being a  #BOSSLADY: A successful, independent woman who knows what she wants in this world. She WILL NOT stop until she is satisfied. She NEVER settles for anything less than everything. She speaks her mind in every situation. She stands up for what she believes in and won’t stop until she is finished. This woman is always on top of her game. She stays ready to achieve success, so she never has to get ready!

After shadowing (a program we are very proud of) at Veritas in 2018 Andrea Hugo knew Veritas is where she wants to be; “everyone made me feel at home.”

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life”, and Jessica von Well stepped with ease through Veritas’ open door (policy).

Mokgadi Mobayi chose Veritas because we are known to have an excellent SAIPA article experience. She wanted to be a part of a team that provides quality work while obtaining the necessary competencies and work experience she needs for the career that she envisions.

Tshitshava Ramagoma loved our wide variety of clients, as well as, our values which aligned perfectly with hers.

“We are exposed to the full spectrum of an audit as early as possible and face to face mentorship; even by the partners is the norm”; Natali Ferrao.

Samuel Magura, believes Veritas has an excellent working atmosphere, suited for personal growth. This in turn makes for a better training environment.

We are committed to train and develop young people in Limpopo Province and at the same time render high quality audit, tax and accounting services.

To the above eight we say; “WELCOME!”

Who is Veritas Inc?

Veritas Incorporated (“Veritas”) is a medium-sized audit and accounting firm based in Polokwane in the Limpopo Province. We strive to deliver tailor made solutions to our clients.

Our relationships with clients are based on our core principles of Trust and Integrity where we can act as a sounding board in a collaborative relationship that does not compromise our independence and objectivity.

Veritas renders the full scope of professional audit, accounting, consulting and other related professional services. These services include Internal and External Audits, where we can guarantee you peace of mind. Our accounting services include; (but are not limited to) monthly accounting processing, VAT processing, payroll administration, company secretarial services, tax compliance services, advisory services and Estates and Trusts.

Our consulting service focusses on providing innovative solutions to complex problems.  Our solutions will assist you in reaching your organisation’s full potential by improving organisational efficiency through holistic and sustainable solutions.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) has become an economic imperative for most entities doing business today.  B-BBEE plays a vital role in the today’s competitive market.  We will assist you to cut through the complexity of the BEE Codes of Good Practice. Veritas recognises the importance of transformation and is proud to be a Level 4 contributor to B-BBEE. This allows our clients the claim 100% of their procurement spend with us for B-BBEE purposes.

Our dynamic team of professionals is led by three experienced directors that have between them more than 60 years of experience in rendering professional services to various clients ranging from national and international corporates to small and medium sized entities.

We have a vibrant team of experienced accountants and other professionals that are ready to assist you.

They founded our company on the Values of Knowledge, Growth and Resilience. By choosing Veritas, you are guaranteed a knowledgeable team, with deep rooted experience and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We believe in unlocking underlying potential, gathering ideas for today and tomorrow and above all focussing on what is important to you. There is always a Solution, especially for complex problems. We are with you every step of the way.

We have a vibrant team of experienced accountants and other professionals that are ready to assist you. Our staff includes SAICA qualified CA’s as well as Professional Accountants (SAIPA).

How we can serve as your trusted business partner?